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Club Competitions


The rivalry and, most importantly, the fun of competitions are usually the main talking points within any club!

The DCC is no different, and there is usually some competition in the works throughout the course of the year. Most of the competitions have separate sections for monochrome prints, colour prints, and digital images.

Dublin Camera Club holds three Official Club Competitions each year.  They are:

  • The Summer Competition which takes place in September
  • The Winter League between October to February with a final taking place in March
  • The Annual Exhibition, the highlight of the Club year, held in July

 All these competitions are judged by external judges, either professional photographers or advanced members of other clubs.  While medals and trophies are awarded, these are not the primary focus.  The club encourages members to enter competitions to help advance their photography by pitting themselves against their peers and through the comments and advice provided by the judges.

The Arthur Murrells Panels Competition
This competition usually takes place in May or June

Entrants submit a panel of five images, based on a theme of their choice, and make a short presentation. The panels are voted-on by the members present on the night.  Information on preparing a panel can be found here.

The best of the panels are usually exhibited in the club gallery later in the year. The panels competition has become established one of the most popular and fun nights in the club's calendar of events!