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About us

HarryBraineThe Dublin Camera Club is the oldest and largest camera club in Ireland. (See History of the Club)

Founded in August 1945 when a group of Dublin photographers felt that the entry conditions of Photographic Society of Ireland were too high to attract those starting out in photography, so they got together and decided that there was a need in the city for another camera club.

The inaugural meeting was held on November 5th in the old Jury's Hotel in College Green at 8 p.m. The meeting took the form of a monochrome lantern-slide lecture showing photos taken by Harry Braine on a trip through pre-war Holland, Belgium and Germany. The club’s first president was a man named James Wilson.

The club is currently headquartered in a dedicated three-storey premises in 10 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2 which provides members with the perfect central location for the club's comprehensive range of facilities and activities.

In recent years, as photography and the visual arts have become ever more accessible by digital and electronic technology, the Dublin Camera Club has established itself as the city’s leading provider of evening classes in photography.

The club contributes to the regeneration of the city by providing activities in the premises on week nights, and at weekends

Some of the year-round activities include:

Weekly club meetings – each Tuesday at 8pm
Lecture meetings
Two fully equipped darkrooms,
A fully equipped studio,
The Eddie Chandler exhibition gallery,
Numerous social events
The ever-important and popular competitions


Dublin Camera Club is a non-profit organisation, with Charity status (Registered Charity Number: CHY10307), run by its members for its members.  It operates on a value-for-money voluntary basis and without State grant aid

The club is managed by an elected council who voluntarily give their time.

The club is supported by a robust Constitution, by laws and other Governance procedures which are set out in the Members' Area of this website.

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