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Our Council

DCC Council3

Current Council


The current council as elected at the 49th Annual General Meeting on the 24th February 201

President: Pauric McGroder AIPF ARPS
Vice-President: Gerry Andrews
Honorary Secretary: Shane Moy
Honorary Treasurer: Gerard Kelleher FIPF EFIAP

Council Members:


Charlie O'Neill AIPF ARPS

Rebecca Keogh LIPF
Philip O'Rourke LIPF

Tracy O'Brien LIPF

Eamon Lawless LIPF

Adrian Sadlier LIPF


Honorary Auditors: Paul Ryan AIPF AFIAP, Michael Donohoe FCA




Annual Exhibition Coordinator:  Paul Stanley

Annual Exhibition Advertisers Coordinator:  Paul Stanley

Membership:  Shane Moy

IPF Representative: Gerard Kelleher

Beginners Classes Coordinator: Shane Moy

External Competitions Secretary: 

Internal Competitions Secretary 1: 

Internal Competitions Secretary 2: 

Outings Secretary: Pauric McGroder

Charities Secretary:  Rebecca Keogh


Projector Specialists: 

Club Mobile Phone holder: 

Studio Secretary: Shane Moy

Studio Supervisor: 

Trophies Coordinator: Gerard Kelleher

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