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Please note that while these procedures aim to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19 at the DCC clubhouse, those entering the premises do so at their own risk.  The club will accept no liability to members who use the facilities, in respect of contracting Covid-19 and any illness or loss sustained thereby.

Users should not enter the building if they have any symptoms of Covid-19, have tested positive for Covid-19 or are awaiting a test result, or have been in contact with a suspect or confirmed case of Covid-19. 

Users should refer to current HSE guidelines regarding principles for protection from the Covid-19 virus.  Please follow this protocol carefully and report to Ruth Bridcut (mobile 085 7394932) if there are any difficulties or suggestions.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 risks and while we await advice regarding the health and safety of the upper floors, it is not currently possible to use the studio.  However, the darkroom and ground floor may be used according to the protocol outlined below.

To ensure social distancing and to facilitate contact tracing, members should book the use of the building in advance HERE, stating which facility they intend to use (eg. dark room or gallery).  Council members or others making brief visits should also use this booking system.  This allows users to be aware if others will be in the building at the same time and allow appropriate intervals between use.

To reduce social contacts, a minimum number of people should enter the building on any one day.  Due to challenges with cleaning the darkroom, users should refer to the booking system and wait three days between using those facilities to minimise the risk of the virus being present.  However, precautions should still be taken when using these rooms.

In accordance with GDPR, please note that the key fob system records the time of entry and identity of key holders.

Having prebooked the use of the building, the following protocol shall be followed:

  • Users are encouraged to wear gloves and a facemask, which they will have sourced themselves. Hand sanitiser is available at the entry point (through the red side door).
  • The user should take a plastic bag at the entry point and keep it with him/her for holding any generated waste.
  • Following use of the toilet/sink, disinfectant should be sprayed on tissue and used to wipe the sink, the toilet flush handle, seat and the rim of the toilet bowl. This tissue should be put in the user's plastic waste bag and removed when leaving.  The tissue provided for this purpose should not be flushed down the toilet as blockages will occur.  Toilet bleach should be squirted in the toilet bowl.
  • Only the ground floor should be used.
  • On leaving the building, each item touched either with bare hands or gloves should be wiped with tissue which has been sprayed with disinfectant. (items will include door handles and light switches)
  • All waste generated during the visit is to be deposited in the user's waste bags, removed when leaving and can be taken to home waste or put in the street bin outside.
  • Users should apply hand gel on entering and exiting the building.
  • Should a user or a close contact of theirs develop Covd-19, please inform Ruth Bridcut (mobile 085 7394932) immediately.


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