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Book the Studio

Club members can book the studio for non-commercial shoots only.

In order to use the studio a member must have completed the Club Level 1 Studio Course.  This course deals with Health and Safety in the Studio, use of the studio lights and Basic Lighting Techniques.  Course Fee €15. 

Studio courses are held  at least twice a year on dates that will be notified to members.  Any member may apply to do the studio course at Level 1 after three months membership.  In order to access the studio a member must also possess a set of premises keys which are obtained on application to Council.  To be eligible to apply for keys one must be a Club member of good standing for at least 3 months, complete the appropriate form and pay a deposit of €25 to the Hon Treasurer who will privide the keys.  A member wishing to use the studio should apply to do the course and at the same time apply for keys so that on completion of the Level 1 course they will be in a position to use the studio immediatly.  

A fee of €5 applies for a session of up to three hours, payable to the club treasurer on receipt of the studio keys on a Club night.  Studio sessions can be booked online here.

By booking studio time, members acknowledge that they have read the relevant Club By-Laws No.34-68 (Studio By-laws) and agree to fully comply with them


Studio Courses at level 1 and level 2 are available to paid-up members only.

Each course consists of one evening class lasting between 3-4 hours. More information regarding the upcoming courses will be announced in the club and emailed in the club bulletin.

The DCC studio is fully equipped with Bowens flash units and ancilliaries. A variety of background materials are also available.

Members must attend a studio introductory course and have a basic competence of using studio equipment before using the studio.


Level 1: Health and Safety in the Studio, plus Basic Lighting Techniques.  Course Fee €15.  This course will be held at least twice a year.

Level 2: More Advanced Lighting Techniques (portrait lighting) with professional model.  Course Fee €25.  This course will be held at least twice a year.


Next courses:  

LEVEL 1:   Dates to be announced.

LEVEL 2:   Dates to be announced.

You have questions?  Please contact a Council member any Tuesday evening.

More information can be found under members area/studio notifications






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