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Documentary & Street Photography Workshop (DSPW)
The DSPW is a special interest group for members of Dublin Camera Club that meets on the third Thursday of each month. Because of Covid restrictions, we currently meet via Zoom.

Next Meeting

What is Documentary & Street Photography?
There is no universally accepted definition of Documentary & Street Photography. However, there are a number of widely held principles:

1. Images should not be staged.
2. Post-processing should be limited to techniques such as adjusting exposure, white balance, clarity & contrast, dodging & burning, cropping and conversion to monochrome. Techniques such as merging multiple images and removing or adding elements should not be used.

Members' Work

Documentary & Street Photography Resources

►Interesting Work & Techniques

  1. Skid Row and Beyond -  Suzanne Stein
  2. Three F's of Street Photography
  3. Dougie Wallace

Technical Things

  1. Camera Settings for Street Photography

► Editing and Sequencing (15th April 2021)

  1. Aaron Hardin has a series of YouTuble videos on producing a photobook:
  2. His video covering the complete process:

► Women Photographers

  1. The New Woman Behind the Camera | The Metropolitan Museum of Art via John Bainbridge




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