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Annual Exhibition 2022


The Annual Exhibition will take place on July 5th online on the DCC website homepage.

Categories & Definitions

Pictorial                    Still Life, tabletop, pets, General
People                      Formal/Environmental Portraiture and Figure Studies
Documentary          Photojournalism and Street (definition)
Environment           Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes
Nature                     Flora & Fauna - Wild, Captive, Flowers, Trees, etc. (definition)
Creative                   Abstract, Composite / Manipulated, Conceptual, humorous

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 President’s Award – Image picked by President – any image 

Naming Convention: There is no Naming Convention


          Submissions Open:            Tuesday June 7th
          Proposed Closing Date:     Wednesday June 15th
          Judging:                               Saturday 25th June
          Exhibition Live:                   Tuesday 12th July

The Annual Exhibition will take place in July 2022.
The closing date for entries is Wednesday June 15th

The exhibition is open to all paid-up members. You must be graded to enter the exhibition.
Each member may enter up to ten monochrome and ten colour images.
Images that have not been accepted in previous annual exhibitions can be entered in this exhibition.
Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, only digital entries are being accepted this year.
All entries will be placed before the judges on Saturday 25th June.
All awarded images will be shown in the exhibition.
Each entrant will be guaranteed to have at least one image shown in the exhibition. If you have not received an award for any of your images, then you will be asked to nominate which of your entries you want to have exhibited.

We will ask you to register on the Club website and pay your €5 submission fee.
Entrants will be given a link taking them to a page guiding them through the entry submission process.
Entrants will be asked to enter their name and email address.
There is no naming convention for your images. When you upload each image, you will have the option to enter a title.
Images will need to be sized to be no larger than 3000 x 2500 pixels. The maximum file size is 3MB. This is limited by the software and over-size images will be rejected.
You also need to determine into which category you will enter each image. The categories are listed above.
It is the responsibility of entrants to ensure their images are in the correct category as admin will have no access to make corrections.