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Nature Group Page

Nature Group

Welcome to the Dublin Camera Club Nature Group’s web page

The DCC Nature Group is a special interest group for members of Dublin Camera Club.  We share a love of Nature and Wildlife photography, and we are at all different levels in the club some very Novice and some very Advanced, most somewhere in between.  Over the year some meetings will have invited speakers on specific nature topics while other meetings will be members discussing issues around Nature & Wildlife (N&W) Photography.  


Next Nature Zoom Meeting

The May Nature Group Meeting will be held at 8pm on 30th May.  This month Eadaoin Mulcahy will deliver a presentation on her nature journey - which has taken her far and wide and will no doubt provide a wide array of fabulous images.  Edel Kellegher will then deliver a presentation on the Saltee Islands - showing her amazing images from the Saltees and providing some information about what is involved in a trip to the Saltees and what to expect.  The facilitator is Alex McLean.


Our Gallery 

Our nature gallery is an opportunity for nature group members to display their images on a chosen nature theme.  Click HERE for our current Gallery which features images submitted by members with the theme of 'birds'.

Themes for 2024 Submission Date
Forest Floor
Images by 30th June
Images by 30th Aug
Images by 31st Oct
Celebrating the Nature Year
Images by 1st December

 Images should be submitted for 'Forest Floor'  theme to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 30th June.  Images should be jpegs sized to 2000 pixels TALL and the file name should be the title as you would like it to be displayed in the gallery.



What is Nature or Wildlife photography?

Most members just want to enjoy photographing nature and wildlife but there is a precise definition of what is Nature or Wildlife photography (they do differ) and what you can do to an image in post processing to enter it in a competition under either heading. If you are entering competitions in either genre then these definitions are necessary.  These are set out by FIAP/PSA HERE  and endorsed by Dublin Camera Club for any of its competitions under either category.  An easy to understand interpretation is on this LINK 


Nature Photographers' Code of Practice 

Linked HERE is a code of practice from the UK RPS Nature Group.  Basically it is a code of practice that we would subscribe to.  There are references in it to pieces of legislation which are of course UK Acts.  We will in due course identify the Irish equivalents where such exist.  Meanwhile we remember that we are nature lovers first and photographers second so the basic principle is: The welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph. 


Nature Links

Competition Websites - Images / Results

Nature Photographer of the Year

Close-up Photographer of the Year

International Garden Photographer of the Year (Not completely nature but some images are of interest to nature photographers)


Links to images of Guest Speakers

Kevin Morgans

Tina Claffey

Bill Power

Jamie MacArthur


Other links

Some Nature links have been moved to the Useful Links page


Contact Us

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to join the group or if you have ideas, suggestions, tell us what we are doing wrong or even right or any other reason.