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DSPW Group Page



Documentary & Street Photography Workshop (DSPW)
The DSPW is a special interest group for members of Dublin Camera Club that meets on the third Thursday of each month. Because of Covid restrictions, we currently meet via Zoom.

What is Documentary & Street Photography?
There is no universally accepted definition of Documentary & Street Photography. However, there are a number of widely held principles:

1. Images should not be staged.
2. Post-processing should be limited to techniques such as adjusting exposure, white balance, clarity & contrast, dodging & burning, cropping and conversion to monochrome. Techniques such as merging multiple images and removing or adding elements should not be used.

Members' Work

Documentary & Street Photography Resources

►Interesting Work & Techniques

  1. Skid Row and Beyond -  Suzanne Stein
  2. Three F's of Street Photography
  3. Dougie Wallace

Technical Things

  1. Camera Settings for Street Photography

► Editing and Sequencing (15th April 2021)

  1. Aaron Hardin has a series of YouTuble videos on producing a photobook:
  2. His video covering the complete process:

► Women Photographers

  1. The New Woman Behind the Camera | The Metropolitan Museum of Art via John Bainbridge




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