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For DCC Summer Walkabouts


Saturday Shutters - Glendalough 4th February, 2023

04-02-2023 10:00 am -1:00 pm
Saturday Shutters - Glendalough 4th February, 2023

The Saturday Shutters are planning a trip to Glendalough on Saturday 4th February, meeting in the carpark at the Upper Lake at 10am.  You will first arrive at the carpark beside the hotel. If you pass this and keep on going, you will arrive at the carpark for the upper lake. There are many opportunities for photography - the lake itself and surrounding hills, trees etc. Good outdoor clothing is recommended as well as refreshments, though there is usually a cafe in the carpark.

As with last week it’s a good idea to buddy up and drive to the location in groups

Please register your interest on the DCC website for insurance purposes before 6pm on Thursday 02/02/23 

 All club members are welcome especially new members but, given the remote location please make sure you inform the facilitator (Cormac or Nuala) if you intend leaving early.