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Notice Board - Outings

From time to time the Dublin Camera Club will organise official outings and guided walkabouts for members. These will be listed as "Official DCC Outings". In addition below,  we list events or locations around the country as suggestions likely to provide good photo opportunities for members. Unless specifically noted these are not official Dublin Camera Club outings.  Only Official Outings are covered by the Club insurance.

 Other Official Outings planned or under consideration

September Walkabouts

CANCELLED due to increased COVID threat

We are planning several walkabouts on September 22nd:  Due to COVID regulations we are limiting the numbers for each group to 10 so registration in advance is essential.  

Please email the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a place on a walkabout.  As places are limited please indicate a second preference.

1                Phoenix Park.  Leader Charlie O'Neill

We will go in and around the Furry Glen.  Plenty of  trees in "small  forests", lake and some lone trees. Hopefully we can have some light to beat the current persistent  greyness. 

Parking co-ordinates are; 53.3560N  6.3491W. Meet at 6pm should give us about two hours shooting.  Google maps reference HERE

2                Killiney Hill.        Leader Cormac Cuffe.  

Cormac will meet a group at the Car park at top of the Burma RD, Killiney Hill.for an Autumn Sunset shoot, Weather permitting,

Meet 6.pm at the car car park, Burma Rd, Killiney Hill, 

The sunset is at 7.15pm, on 22nd., so meet for Golden hour.

Members can remain in the car park area  with him or  follow the paths up Dalkey  or Killiney hills,

Suggest bring a flask of coffee/tea.

PS Its the Equinox, so chance of bad weather and strong wind  from South West is not unreasonable, giving clear skies in the lee of the mountains.

3                Dublin City Quays - evening shoot.    Leader Peter MacMenamin

Meeting at 6.45 at Liberty Hall, Eden Quay - the intention is to shoot at the end of the "Golden Hour" and into the "Blue Hour" as the evening light changes.  We will continue until about 8.30 up and down the Liffey shooting buildings perticularly making use of the reflection possibilitues on the water and the illumination of the buildings.   Wandering about alone at night with a camera may be asking for trouble so the intention is to remain as a group, or if individulas wish to do theit own think we ask that at least they stay in pairs at least.  Sharing of phone numbers is essential for safety reasons, please include your number when booking your place.

Any suggestions for DCC outings are welcome and should be made to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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